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For more information, contact intercession@morningstarministries.org or RRummage@morningstarministries.org. Check out the closed Facebook group Morningstar Intercession, & BobJonesVisionCenter.com

What’s the Vision?

The Bob Jones Vision Center hosts Morningstar’s Moravian Lampstand Prayer Room – a creative meeting space for an emerging intergenerational community of Prophetic Worshipers & Intercessors. Our goals are to foster an atmosphere of heavenly encounter, catalyze equip and release people of spiritual vision, steward historical and current prophetic revelation, and generate replicatable models of effective prophetic prayer and praise.

What’s in a name?

The Moravian Lampstand Prayer Room refers to a group of European religious refugees from Moravia, who profoundly encountered the Lord while in exile in the 1700’s, resulting in over 100 years of 24/7 prayer, and the birth of the modern Missions movement.  The Bob Jones Vision Center honors the late prophet Bob Jones, whose remarkable ministry had a profound impact on the Church and the modern prayer movement. We honor him by doing what he did: Developing spiritual vision to see heavenly realities, and praying for these heavenly realities to manifest on earth.

How does it work?

-There are weekly night-and-day sessions of prophetic praise and prayer – Some directed live sessions with prayer leaders, musicians, and artists (Live Burns), some unprogrammed reflective times (Contemplative Sessions) with recorded, streamed, or live music and an individual overseeing, and some times of focused prayer (Intercession Sessions). There are also monthly 24 Hr Moravian Lampstand Burns (marathons of praise, prayer, & prophecy).
-With a view to security, the BJVC is not open without an overseer present. It is locked when not in use.
-There is expanded programming during conferences and events, and in times of crisis and need.
-The BJVC is also a venue for events like conferences, seminars, prophetic round tables, and weddings.

What do I actually do in the prayer room?

Encounter God! Contemplate Jesus. Meditate on scripture. Sing. Dance. Pray. Contemplate the natural world outside. Explore an interactive prayer station on the perimeter walls. Join a leader-facilitated time of intercession. Journal what God is showing you. Share any corporate revelation with the leader.  We ask that conversations & phone calls be taken outside the building. Guest wifi password: Revealed2u.

What about food & drinks?

To keep the facility clean we ask that there be no food or drinks in the BJVC. Water bottles with lids are permitted. There are picnic tables outside the building, and a lovely deck overlooking the lake.

Is this a kid-friendly environment?

Yes, we believe in training children in praise prayer and prophecy here. Parents are responsible to oversee their kids. In the back of the prayer room there are soft toys and puppets for kids and plenty of space to play. Under the back table are pop up tents, books, and coloring supplies. Tables provide an ideal place for children to read and color. Dry finger food snacks like goldfish crackers or carrot sticks and spill-proof sippy cups are allowed, providing that parents clean up afterward. Check the schedule for family-friendly sessions designed for whole families to interactively praise and pray together.

How do I get involved?

To participate, see the schedule on the reverse side, and attend any meeting of interest. To lead as a musician, intercessor, or artist, contact leadership for an interview and overview of the training process.

Thanks for visiting the Moravian Lampstand Prayer Room at the Bob Jones Vision Center!