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Level up with challenges that push you past what you thought possible in real world scenarios.

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What To Expect

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Weekly Training

Weekly classes on Sundays beginning at 1330 and ending at 1630.

Events Every Month

Once a month, you will set off together on new activities taking you to the next level on your journey.

Additional Encounters

Occasional weekend events beginning Friday night and ending Sunday afternoon.

We will start with providing inspirational tools for building good relationships. We will use motivational building blocks for instilling positive characteristics and strive to impart a sense of community. Within this community, we would like to establish a relationship with the Holy Spirit and begin to understand His authority and power available to us in our daily lives. YSF will be a flagship organization that will raise up Godly leaders for our next generation.
Age Eligibility: 14-18.


YSF will be supplying each student with the required gear for the program. The student will be allowed to keep all gear after the program is complete except the tent. No exceptions.

YSF carefully selected the best gear for this program that meets the standard we have set for this events we will be doing. Students will be allowed to bring personal gear in addition to this, but they will be required to have their issued gear at every event.

Gear Includes: Pack, Tent, Sleeping bag, Water bottle, Compass, Whistle, Head Lamp.

Gain Real World Experience

Be challenged to reach new limits, gain leadership skills and learn from some of the best.

Meet the Team

We’re here to support you and create an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture.

Erickson Lee

Abi Jordan
Team Leader

Zach Rowe

Bob Jordan

Young Special Forces

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