Women’s Ministry


SHINE is a vital part of our family ministry that is building a sisterhood and alliance to strengthen the vision, gifts, and ministries of women in the church. A woman was the first to declare Jesus to be the Christ (woman at the well), and the first to declare His resurrection, which is the basic mandate of the apostolic ministry. In Proverbs 31, women are esteemed especially for their vast and various business skills, as we also see some of the prominent women in the New Testament being business women. Therefore, MorningStar believes that there is no limit to the gifts, ministries, or leadership of women in the church, and we seek to support and develop them in every way possible. ~Rick Joyner, President of MorningStar

Shine Monthly Meeting
You can find opportunities for friendship and support through various small groups offered through the Women’s Ministry. SHINE hosts a monthly gathering for ladies at HIM in the Grand Cafe on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 4:00-5:30pm. Please join us! It’s a great way to connect with our SHINE women!

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