SC Heartbeat Bill

Contact Republican Senators

Please Contact Republican Senators of the South Carolina Senate and tell them to support the Heartbeat Bill S1.
Contact these senators by going to Click on the individual senator you want to contact. You will see their phone numbers and a link to send message. Please send messages to all Republican senators at this point. You may also call with a similar kindly-worded message.

Republican Senators

direct links to “Send message”:

Brian Adams
Thomas Alexander
Rex Rice
Richard Cash
Michael Gambrell
Thomas Corbin
Dwight Loftis
Ross Turner
Danny Verdin
Billy Garrett
Josh Kimbrell
Scott Talley
Shane Martin
Harvey Peeler
Wes Climer
Michael Johnson
Ronnie Cromer
Katrina Shealy
Tom Young, Jr.
Shane Massey
Penry Gustafson
Gregg Hembree
Hugh Leatherman
Luke Rankin
Stephen Goldfinch
Larry Grooms
Sean Bennett
Sandy Senn
Chip Campsen
Tom Davis


Suggested Letter Template

Dear Honorable Senator _______,

RE: Support of South Carolina Senate Bill S1 Heartbeat Bill.

Thank you for your service to the citizens of South Carolina. I support the passage of the Senate Heartbeat Bill S1 during this session and I ask you to pass this bill with viable language that does not weaken or gut the bill. I am strongly in favor of this bill and I request that the Heartbeat bill be passed during this legislative session. Thank you.

Print your name and add signature

Trip to SC State Capitol

Trip to SC State Capitol in Columbia on Tuesday, January 26, in support of Heartbeat Billl S1.

1. Meet at front entrance to MorningStar fellowship Church, 375 Starlite Dr., at 8:00 AM to carpoll to the SC Statehouse.
2. Depart at 8:15 AM for expected time of arrival of 9:30-9:45 AM in Columbia.
3. For those driving separately, we will meet at the entrance to the SC Statehouse at 10 AM.
4. We will be praying, visiting senators’ offices, meeting with senators, and delivering document packages and cards to Republican senators.
5. Please wear red if you can, in support of the Heartbeat Bill, wear a mask in compliance with Capitol rules, and plan to socially distance.
6. The Senate will go into session at 12 noon and we need to be in the Capitol Rotunda no later than 11:20 AM to see Senators march through to the Senate chamber and express our support for the bill.
7. We will also be praying and watching the Senate debate on screens in the Capitol lobby.
8. We plan to call some Senators out to meet with us during the Senate session.
9. The exact departure time to return to Fort Mill is unknown. We will depart when we have completed our mission.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.